Need to create auto-numbered labels during playback

Hello everyone,
Is there a plugin that would create a label containing the next consecutive number when I press Ctrl+M (on Windows 10) while listening to a piece of music?
I have downloaded and enabled the “Numbered Label” plugin but it doesn’t seem to work in Playback mode.

I need to place a label to mark every 3 (or 6) beats and in some cases this means around 60 labels in a 2-minute piece of music. Right now, using Ctrl+M produces empty labels which I then have to manually fill one by one with consecutive numbers, which is a lot of work.

Solutions that involve creating labels at fixed time intervals won’t work as most music don’t have a fixed tempo.

Would be nice if the number could start with 1 (again) in different parts of the song, so e.g. the 1st part starts with 1, the chorus starts with 1, and the next part starts with 1; possibly in combination with an adjustable prefix.

Why do I need this?
I make dance choreographies and in looking for a suitable or alternative piece of music for a certain choreography I would like to quickly compare one piece of music with another. Having numbered labels allow me to quickly see the number of phrases and paragraphs in every part of the song; and how suitable the song could be for a certain choreography. Or to find which part of the music could be used for which part of the choreography. It’s a two way street, often we adjust the dance choreography to better fit a certain piece of music.
Would also appreciate if someone with similar needs have found other tools/solutions!

I’m using Audacity 3.4.2 on a Windows 10 PC.

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