Need to consume Audacity in .Net application programmaticall

We would like to utilize audacity software for our project requirement. The requirement is, let’s say we have an audio file with different formats like .mp3, .wav etc. we would like to add different level of distortion to it so that the original audio will not be audible by anyone else. Our current application is developed using .net framework. Will it be possible can I utilize audacity for this requirement?
The good thing is I am able to do it manually by installing audacity in my local. But I would like to do the same through source code. Could you please help me out It’s very urgent requirement we have to complete this task as soon as possible.

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Audacity doesn’t use .Net.
Audacity is written mostly in C++ and built using WxWidgets (

Audacity is primarily designed as a GUI application, however there is source code available for an experimental optional module that allows Audacity to controlled by sending commands through named pipes. This optional module is called “mod-script-pipe” and its source code can be found in the lib-src directory of the Audacity source code:

Mod-script-pipe has not been developed or maintained over the last year or so, as there is always far more that needs to be done than time allows for our (volunteer) developers. The last time I looked it did not build, but If your guys are able to get mod-script-pipe working again, please send us a patch.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply. as you said Audacity doesn’t use .Net. its fine.

option1 → since audacity is developed using c++ can i have a c++ (audacity) dll so that i can consume that dll by sending commands via wrappers.
option2 → can i send commands to the audacity running application with below parameters
name of the file to open
distortion level to add
amount of pitch to add
do other necessary steps.
save the modified file in particular location

please let us know as soon as possible

Mod-script-pipe does build on Windows and Mac, just not on Linux.

Here is the help page for scripting: .