Need to add 2 seconds silence to end of a WAV file

Hi, I am brand new to this program. Can someone please point me in the right direction? All I want to do is add about two seconds of silence to the end of a wav file. The reason is that when I insert the file into a Powerpoint presentation, it is cutting off the last second or two during play-back, so maybe if I make the sound file a bit longer I can get around this.

I’m using Windows (the current version… sheesh… I don’t know how to find out what version it is… where do I look? (Sorry to sound like a dope). I installed Audacity from the .exe installer.

Thank you very much in advance.

Click the Skip to End button or press the End key.

From the Generate menu choose Silence and set the numbers to 2 seconds.

– Bill

Thanks mucho, Bill, it worked! The wav file now plays perfectly in my PowerPoint presentation! :slight_smile:

Next question… I am now trying to add a midi file, and have the opposite problem… I need to trim 2 seconds off the front. I tried selecting it, deleting the section, and exporting like I did with the wav file, but the midi now won’t play at all. Suggestions?

Although Audacity has rudimentary support for MIDI it is very basic and Audacity does not play MIDI.

It is generally best to start a new topic for new questions so that the subject title matches what the topic is about.

Thanks Steve. Yes, I agree with the starting a new thread suggestion. Update: I converted the midi and was able to edit it with Audacity. It’s a great program! Prior to last night, I had never edited any type of audio file, and now at least I can do some basic stuff.