Need "Studio" echo for Audio Book

Hello. I’m producing an audiobook. What I’m looking for is a way to have voices, at a particular time in the recording, sound like what you hear when listening to a song where the singer’s voice echoes slightly (especially on the S’s). Specifically, I am using this ‘echo’ (for lack of a better word) to show internal thought. I’ve tried echo and reverb, but it’s still not right. Is there a plugin someone can recommend? Maybe the same one you’d use if you were recording a singer?

I hope this makes sense, and thank you.

You are teetering on the edge between AudioBooks and Radio Theater. Did your audiobook publisher say they were OK with that? Since “Books” don’t have special effects, typically the readings don’t either.

And yes, reverb and echo effects in Audacity are just OK if that. The problem is the complexity of the sound. An echo is not one thing. It’s about a billion different reflections, delays and pathways all adding up to the effect. The fewer reflections you make in the app, the more it sounds fake. The more reflections you make, the longer it takes to work.

The flip side of this is removing echoes. You can’t do that, either.

You can probably simulate head voices by going through Effect > Equalization > Telephone.

Is this your first audiobook? Do you have your microphone and recording setup sorted?



Thank you for your response. Publisher is okay with the slight ‘echo’ because it’s difficult to convey internal dialogue without it. Mic and recording setup is good, audio quality is excellent. Love using Audacity. I will try your telephone sugegstion for sure. I appreciate the input.

“Anwida DX Reverb Lite” has some nice reverbs: