Need Stereo Output Help

Hi, I’m new to the forum but not to audacity. Thank you for helping me with this issue.

I want to post a scratch track of my band’s rehearsal for others to hear.

I used a mini-disc player and a professional mic to record the rehearsal. (Sony MZ-155 MD and an audio-technica Pro 24 condenser mic which features a POLAR PATTERN X/Y Stereo).

In the past, I’ve used audacity to record mono tracks, but I’d like to learn how to do a nice stereo track. I don’t want to use a mixer at this point. I can only figure out how to get the default mono/output out of audacity. (Mono, 44100Hz)

Please can you tell me:

  1. Can I get a stereo track from the output I’ve recorded using audacity using the above equipment? I plan to .mp3 the file after I get it edited.
  2. Where can I learn to do this? (Link to instructions, etc.?)

Thank you all very much.


To record in stereo you need to go to: “Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O”
and set the number of recording channels to “2 (stereo)”.

When you have a stereo recording, Audacity Exports will also be stereo (automatically).

There’s a load of useful tips and tutorials in the wiki (link at top of the page) - check out the “Tutorials” and the “Tips” that are listed on the left side of the wiki home page.