Need someone with experience to edit sound for me

I am looking for someone to take an audio file I have and edit it so that I can clearly hear the conversation that is going on. The recording has alot of loud cabin noise form a car on a freeway plus a radio playing. The voice Im trying to hear are faint. I need to find out if my fiance is cheating on me and I think the answer is in this recording. I have been playing with audacity and I cant seem to get the results I need. I do not know if I can provide any monetary value for anyone willing to provide me with the service on this forum so I apologize if it is forbidden. I very willing to work something out. I dont have the time to play with the program for months trying to get the answers Im seeking. Can anyone help if I can send the file to you?

I cant seem to get the results I need.

And we won’t be able to, either. Audacity has no surveillance tools. We can’t pull voices out of the mud like they can on CSI and other TV shows. That’s pretty much all Hollywood. I sometimes think they do that every other script just to drive everybody crazy.

You can try applying the telephone filter. Effect > Equalization > Select Curve > Telephone

That should give you a vocal boost. Past that, we got nothing.