need someone to teach me

I’m using 2.0.5 on Windows XP. I need someone to teach me how to use Audacity in real-time via Skype. I need to edit out and then possible add in a few minutes here and there (4 times total) in an hour recording. I waste too much time with tutorials and manuals. Let me know how much you would charge for an hour of your time and your experience with Audacity. Include a website if you have one.

Did you look at them?

Basically click and drag and press the Cut button.

If you mean you want to record an insertion, click in the track where you want to record, press “Record” and the new piece is in a track underneath. Tracks on top of each other are mixed together. Use F5 Time Shift Tool to drag pieces around in either track. F1 to go back to Selection Tool.

Nothing. We don’t (officially). But if you get stuck you can ask here.

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Thanks for the reply, Gale. As I said in the post, I’m looking for someone to teach me one on one. Jane

As I said in my reply, we don’t do that. If someone unofficially makes you an offer and you accept, that is a private arrangement that is nothing to do with the Forum, and you accept the entire risks of entering into that arrangement.


This is no way a recommendation - but this guy (Daniel Lewis aka The Ramen Noodle) sells his time and knows a thing or two about Audacity: