Need some help with a review

Color me frustrated. I’ve now recorded 40 novels for ACX over the past couple of years; however now I get nothing but rejections on my auditions. I wonder if one of you experts could take a listen and give me your thoughts. Below are two samples … .one of which is taken from a completed novel while the other is a short squib from an audition

Completed novel: Dropbox - 15 MIN REVIEW SUGARBALL.mp3 - Simplify your life

Audition Failure: Dropbox - Audition BENEATH THE CRIMSON CANOPY.mp3 - Simplify your life

I use the following Effects on all of them: Filter Curve, RMS, Limiter, Hum Removal and Noise Reduction … but now I can’t pass an audition. Could be it’s just me ? … but I was very busy with ACX recording until a couple of months ago . Any ideas???
Thanx, Tom

Re: Audition Failure.
The voice talent is there, but IMO there are technical problems.

#1. There’s very noticeable reverb from reflections in the room,
i.e. not enough acoustic-treatment of your recording space.

#2. The equalization is too bassy, IMO. (But that’s easily correctable with EQ).

#3. I can hear, (& see on the Audacity spectrogram),
where frequencies have been removed by noise-reduction.
Noticeable noise-reduction artifacts alone are sufficient reason for ACX rejection.

#4. Some of the edits are conspicuous, e.g. it’s clear that the line
and the pained wail of air-raid sirens” was added later.

Don’t shoot the messenger: you did ask for constructive criticism.

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