I have many lp’s that I would like to record and put into cd’s.I did a few albums and I did burn those albums. Now I would like to see if I can separate into trcaks. If I am correct you can label between songs on the lp and label.Right? But I need advice on how I should do this. Should I pause between gaps on the lp or should I wait until I have finished and put the labels then. Also, how many lp’s approx.can be recorded on a cd which has about 79 minutes approx. And I have one more question, sorry but I need to learn from all you experts, How can I hook up my usb turntable so I can hear what I am going to record . I have the red and white rca cable coming out of my turntable but it looks like I need an adapter to hook it into my computer please advise. Thanks I hope someone out there can help

Wow, what a lot of questions in a short post …

Breaking a project into tracks
Place a label at each track break - use the Ctrl-B shortcut - and don’t forget to place a label right at the beginning for the first track. Then use Audacity’s Export Multiple command (available from the File drop-down) to export a multiple set of WAVs, MP3s or whatever.

The Audacity Wiki, Documentation and Turorials have much useful information on how to do this - a recommended read -

When to do it.
Don’t bother to pause between tracks - do it after recording the LP. In fact I would recommend recording both sides of the LP as a single Audacity project - use the Pause button between recording sides.

How many CDs on a 79 minute CD-R?
Depends how long the LPs are. Normally you will be making your CDs with 16-bit PCM stereo WAVs in which case you will get 79 minutes worth of LP on the 79 minute CD. You can be tricksy and use mono - in which case you can double the time, but you will only have mono recordings. Or you may have a CD player thet can play CDs with MP3s on them (most CD players won’t do this).

How can I hear what I’m recording?
You can either plug those RCA cables into a hi-fi or mini-system
or use the USB signal: in Audacity go to Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O and check the Software Playthrough box
BTW: if you are not using the RCA cables, then make sure they are not and cannot short together.


Hey, Thanks for such a fast reply. It really helped me alot. Again thanks

I would like to remove some of the raspy noise from my old LP’S, but when I drop down the effect tab I dont get the noise removal highlight. Do I need more software for this ? Hope someone knows!!! You guys are a great help.

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