Need of some assistance

To whom it may concern,

I just loaded audacity to my laptop. Recorded a long lecture. Saved and now I have a problem listening to it. I do have the Data file and Audacity Project file about 105 KB. But, Audacity gives me an error can not find file because error in b00014.

Can this problem be corrected.

Please try to post on the correct boards. If you posted this on the “Audacity Stable (1.2.x) / Mac OS X” board, then anyone responding would have some basic information about what you are using. By putting it on the wrong board it is likely to be ignored as no one has any idea about what platform you are on.

If you have moved or deleted any of the project files you will get this problem. The Audacity project file (.aup) keeps a list of where all the bits of audio data are stored, which is usually in the _data folder after you have saved the project unless you have also used (opened or imported) other sound files. It is essential that all of these files exist in the locations that Audacity expects them to be (as determined by the project file).

If you have moved any of the files, you should be able to recover the project by moving them back to their original locations. If you have deleted any of the files, you may be able to recover the project by recovering the deleted files from the recycle bin.

When you have finished a recording or editing project you should “export” the audio as a normal audio file (.wav or .mp3) so that it can be played in other media players, written to CD etc.

Did you check your data file, It seems to me that data file wasn’t created at all.