Need New Mic for Gaming Videos

Hello Everyone!

So I’m a gamer and a YouTuber. I upload Minecraft videos to YouTube.

At the moment by mic is a Blue Yeti. It’s a good mic, but it picks up way too much background noise such as my PC, keyboard and mouse.

So I’m looking for a new mic that will not pick up as much background noise, the cheaper the better! I’ve heard good things about the Rode Procaster, Audio Technica AT2020, etc. But they’re somewhat expensive, I want to save as much money as possible.

What do you recommend?


Also, does anyone have any microphone or audio forums they could recommend (Message me if you can’t advertise here). This is if I was looking for a forum solely based around sound and microphones. :slight_smile:


That particular Logitech headset has very good room noise suppression and reasonable voice quality, but depends on your soundcard. Work is using Logitech USB headsets and they work well, too, but they’re more expensive. They don’t use the computer soundcard.

If you can’t make the room quiet the only way to improve quality is to reduce the space between the microphone and your voice.


I don’t want a headset, I want an actual microphone.

That is not true! Lots of YouTubers have the exact same sounds as me (keyboard, mouse, PC) and they use mics that don’t mic up as much sound. I will probably also buy a boom stand or something, but I’m looking for a new microphone.

I’m looking for a new microphone.

You’re looking for a cheap microphone (you said so) and we’re all looking for one of those people to tell you how they did it. Recording in a noisy, echoey room is not easy for anybody and is widely called the Job from Hell by recording pros. We have several posters complaining of room noise, computer fan noise and keyboard clicks in their game shows.

Get one of those success stories to post on the forum and we’ll be able to tell everybody how to do it.

Is there a gaming forum? I bet every other post is someone wondering how to make quiet recordings.