Need helping blending clips from different sources

Forgive me if this has been posted. I tried searching but couldn’t find a direct answer to my circumstance

Long story short. One of my best friends passed away and now I’m best man in my other best friends wedding. I have put together a bunch of sound clips from different videos of my deceased friend and have been trying to edit it to where it sounds like an actual recording done in one take rather than a bunch of choppy clips but I’m a novice. Can anyone point me into the direction of some tutorials or offer advice? Tia

A quick and dirty way to accomplish this is with Crossfade Clips - Audacity Manual

Crossfade Tracks - Audacity Manual is a little harder to use but will give you a little more control.

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If they are from different videos, even with EQ matching , it will be possible to tell they are from different sources.

It’s possible to clone voices, (not in Audacity), then you can have them say anything.

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