Need help

all videos + all files in the DVD that I burn doesn’t work I need to recover a video in there the format is wmv

! The file you are attempting to play has an extension (.wmv) that does not match the file format. Playing the file may result in unexpected behavior.

the error C00D1199


WMV is the format for a Windows Media compressed movie. Not a sound file. I don’t think Audacity is going to help you very much.


The file has been incorrectly named as .wmv when it is not a .wmv file.
Use SUPER from erightsoft (free software) to look at the properties of the file and find out what kind of file it really is, then rename it with the correct extension. You need to have “hide extensions for known file types” disabled in Windows.

For information about working with DVD’s have a look at the Doom9 forum.

For information about file formats supported in Audacity, see here: