Need help?

Hi Guys, I’ve had Audacity for some time now but today is my first attempt to use it for mix out in my 24 track studio.
I am using the Allen & Heath ZED436 console which does feature a USB function which I believe operates through their
MTX onboard format.
Here’s what I have so far: I set up my recording to go out to my Win 7 LapTop and the first time through it recorded a
very loud mix. I deleted that copy and have not been able to get any recording results since that time.
I have the toolbar set to MME, Microphone USB Audio & Speakers High Definition respectively. Any help appreciated.

You should go looking for the mixer USB connection. It could be named anything. My Behringer stereo interface is called USB Audio CODEC. There no standard.

Make the computer connection, find your device in Windows first. Windows > Right Click the little speaker > Recording Devices. Make sure that little sound meter bounces when you make noise.

Then start or restart Audacity and look for the same thing. Don’t skip the Windows step.

Audacity looks for new connections when it starts. You can also Transport > Rescan.