Need Help

Is there a really good heavy metal effect and would like dj thing for this but … Can someone help me with wah wah i need some setting for solos were there is not a lot of wah but u can tell it is there not overpowerful tho

There is a wahwah effect in Audacity 1.3.7.

Effect > Wahwah…

I guess all the rest of the versions from there up have it, too. I’ve never used it, so you’ll be the first. Select some audio and then apply the effect. You’ll probably get a control panel so you can control how much and how deep the effect goes. All the really top quality effects tools are in Audacity 1.3, so if you have Audacity 1.2, you should get the current 1.3. You can install both versions safely on your machine, but only use one at a time. Audacity 1.3 Projects will not open up in 1.2.

All that and Audacity does not do anything in real time, so you can’t apply the effect in the middle of a party or performance.