Need Help with turntable recording

Dear Audacity Team,

I recently purchased a turntable (Pyle Vintage). It came with an older version of Audacity which I downloaded to my desktop. I am running Windows 7. I followed the tutorials regarding setup and the settings reading from left to right are as follows: MME, (Speakers VIA High Definition A), Microphone (USB Audio CODEC) and 2 Stereo Input Channel. I also downloaded and activated the MP3 export tool. I have software play through checked in the transport menu. I have tried to record several test cuts and the input and output monitors at the top of Audacity menu status bar indicates input, however I can hear no audio through my headphones, nor is there any actual sound when I attempt playback although it appears as though the conversion took place to the MP3 format and my default opens which is ITunes. I just this morning downloaded and installed the newest version of Audacity 2.0.5 thinking that was the issue but am experiencing the same problems. I am thoroughly confused and would appreciate any help/advice you can give me regarding these issues.



Try turning on Software Playthrough from the Transport menu.

This set of tutorials from the Audacity Manual should help you:

especially this one:

and this workflow:


Thanks for the links. I will try them all. I do have the Software Playthrough checked in the Transport menu already.


I’m pretty sure you’re not recording anything and you’re probably making a silent MP3 file.

A couple of things to help narrow-down the problem -

Are you seeing a waveform after recording?

Try opening an existing WAV or MP3 in Audacity. You’ll see what a waveform should look like. Then, you can play it in Audacity to make sure you’re hearing playback.

If playback from Audacity works with a known-good file, and you are seeing a waveform after recording, Try hitting the Play button right after you stop recording (before exporting to MP3).