Need help with the equalizer

I’m doing a college funded program for tinnitus and I have a few questions on frequency and db setting funtion of the equalizer. I need to know does the “length of filter” mean the duration of the filter? Would I need to turn this all the way to the right to cover the full song. Also on the curve option. I need to know excatly how that works. if I wanted the curve down half way through the graph would it remain on 0DB’s and the frequency of the curve for the entire song?

The “length of filter” refers to the number of samples that are considered in each block of audio processed. Bigger numbers result in the “green curve” more closely matching the “blue curve” (I assume you are using 1.3.11 here). The entire selection will be processed regardless of the length of the filter.

I’m not sure what you are getting at. The curve describes what happens to the frequencies throughout the entire selection the Equalization effect is applied to. If, for example, you set the curve for +10 dB at 10,000 Hz then frequencies around 10,000 Hz would be boosted by 10 dB.

– Bill

If you never met dB before, it can be a little magic.

Even though the Audacity timeline works in percent (1 = 100%), that’s not how your ear works. Half sound level happens at -6dB, but that doesn’t sound like half loudness to your ears. That doesn’t happen until about -18dB. The quiet limit for human hearing happens around -60dB.