Need help with the audio editing!

Hello there, i’m new in here. I’ve got an issue on audacity: how can i split one track into two tracks (I need an instrumental track and the voice track)?
Help me!

Audacity can’t split a mixed performance into individual voices, instruments and sounds, if that’s what you’re asking.

You can recognize the difference between these things because you live in the metaphor world where you can recognize performances based on past experience. Audacity has to do it by splitting up musical tones—full stop—and there are two many common musical tones all at once to deal with. If you have any musical training, overtones and harmonics just kill you in this kind of task.


Sometimes you can use direction clues if the original is a proper stereo track (two blue waves). You might try Effect > Vocal Reduction and Isolation.

Even though it’s a modern and not legacy effect, don’t bet the farm on musically pleasing results.