Need help with short macro

Hi all, need to make certain edits to a bulk of hundreds of audio files and I heard of macros, but I tried getting into it and its just not giving me the results I do manually, could someone please help me translate my steps into macro steps that I should put? Thanks.

I put the file in audacity

I duplicate it twice so that I have three of them

First audio -3db

Third audio +3db

Second audio -8 pitch

Third audio -20 pitch

Second audio equalize to bass boost

Select all and export as wav

When I tried to do this in macro it ended up with four audio tracks and it sounded very distorted and loud, I’m not sure what went wrong but I’ve never used this software before so if someone here knows how this macro should be written i’d appreciate some help!

If you post your macro (“Export” the macro, then copy and paste from the exported text file into your post), then we may be able to see where it needs fixing.