Need Help with Retrieving Audio Files in Audacity

I am trying to retrieve an audio file that I have missed because of my zoom recorder being unplugged during a shoot. The file shows up as 0 KB. I have made an image of the whole card as a dmg file, imported to audacity as a raw media, and have been able to read some of the audio files that are hidden in that card, but it is a big giant file, maybe hours of audio, and it is very hard to find the section that I am missing. I wonder if there is a way in audacity to select the part of the audio file that we would like to retrieve.

thanks a lot.


First, I’m guessing no. When media storage goes unstable, it can create some serious chaos, worse if there’s more than one show on the device.

because of my zoom recorder being unplugged during a shoot.

Let’s investigate that a little bit. Do a data dump. Which Zoom? How big was the card? What, exactly, got unplugged? You left the whole story before the accident blank. I know the accident seems like the important thing, but many times knowing how the system was working before that can be valuable.


There are free multi-platform programs called PhotoRec and TestDisk which can recover data from corrupted SD cards , (try PhotoRec first , despite the name it’s not limited to recovering photos).