Need help with "presets"

Greetings !

Is there a way to find which effects have been applied on a track ?

I want to record several sentence for a game ( elite dangerous voice pack ) and after recorded the first one well … i don’t remember what settings i have applied on it :blush: like, i don’t remember what number i put in pitch etc

Is there a way to have a “global” preset ? So i can just record my voice and all the effects apply automatically ? Cause i really like my first try :blush:

English is not my first language so …i apologize if it doesn’t make sense :smiley:

Thanks !

You can “program” a sequence of effects as a “Macro”, then apply the Macro.

Thanks for your help !

Macro should work but i have start all over again ?
I can’t “export” the settings from a track ?

There’s no way to take an audio file in isolation and magically “extract” the recipe of effects that were applied in creating the file.
While an Audacity project is open, you can view a summary of the project history via “View menu > History”.