Need Help With Multiple Devices

I’m currently making a podcast with a friend. Originally, I use a website called Cleanfeed, which allowed us to call and record. However, I downloaded Audacity to see if I could record with multiple tracks, as Cleanfeed didn’t let me do that.

My plan was the following:
Record one track with my desktop audio, that would pick up the sound from the call.
Record another track with my voice, directly within Audacity.

Of course, I came into this knowing nothing about Audacity, or even audio. Although I’m pretty computer literate, I have little idea about audio stuff, such as mixers and all that jazz.

I did research and have yet to find any answers.

So how would I record desktop audio with one track, and my USB mic with the other, and listen to all of it using my USB headphones?
Would I really need a mixer? Because I likely cant afford one.

I’m on windows 10, using the TC-777 mic with a Beexcellent Gaming Headset.
I don’t know much about computer parts but my computer is about mid range in it’s power.

Sorry if anything is ‘formatted wrong’ or smth.

Everybody with respiration and a pulse wants to do that and you can’t for a couple of reasons.

Audacity will only record from one thing. Your microphone is one thing and the computer audio is a second.

To record the “far side” voice at all, you will have to arm-wrestle the App for it. It’s the App’s job to maintain good quality sound both directions with no howling feedback, stuttering, meowing, or distortion. The very last thing they want is someone showing up with additional sound pathways and tasks.

There are some methods posted on other forums and you can try those, but be warned that some of them may produce an OK recording, but they destroy the far side’s ability to hear clearly. It’s not fun when your own voice comes back to you a fraction of a second late.

Last check, Zoom will allow you to have a good conversation and provide you with separate sound files for the two directions. It is very highly recommended that both sides wear headphones so the app doesn’t have to do echo cancellation, direction management, and room suppression.

You thought this was going to be a simple button push.

Desperation method has you doing the show hand’s-free in a dead quiet room with no echoes and set up your phone to record the room. That would seem to be a terrible way to do it and there are some tricks, but that’s how I shot this interview.