need help with lecture recording

guys I tried to record my lecture and the result is not so good so I thought to ask for some help

the probelm is the the voice of the professor is sound really far so I cant make out what he says sometimes also the whole thing is not very clean…

I upload a sample here so if you can suggest me some steps to do i would be grateful!

ps. the lecture is in greek!

I tried to record my lecture

So it’s not your lecture. It’s the lecture you attended.

Is that the raw recording – the recording from the lecture, or is it the lecture after you applied Noise Reduction?

What were you using to record the lecture? It sounds like you could be using a recorder that’s trying to cancel the background noise like a cellphone and you were too far away.


Newsies still do this for a reason. It’s really difficult to get good sound from far away.


I don’t think there’s any way to rescue your sound. It has too many things wrong with it.


Maybe just the sound recording device attended :wink:

Whilst the mp3 posted has a sample-rate of 22050Hz the recording only has content up to 4KHz consistent with a sample-rate of only 8000Hz.
Next time use a higher sample-rate on the recording device, e.g. 22050Hz or higher, which makes speech more comprehensible.
[ NB: Using a higher sample-rate will use up more memory per minute ]

But that will only make the sound muffled or AM Radio (5 KHz). There’s compression artifacts in there, too. Bubbling, Honking. So that’s not the only thing wrong.