Need help with extending the tail of a song to make a thene

I’m making an audiobook for a fanfic, and I was wanting to give it a little extra flair with a theme opening. Using the show’s theme, I was going to cut it to a certain point, extend the ending so I could fade it, then add in the rest of the song I was wanting to mix in. Problem is, repeat just gives it a very noticeable clip. Is there any other way I could do this?

In other words composer/arranger software.

Sometimes you can get away with playing the patch backwards. The hit at the join point is or should be zero and if the music is bland enough, nobody will notice. The other thing you can do is expand your search to an even and much longer musical phrase and work down, rather than a just-right clip and work up. This is the theory that there are only a limited number of points in a song that will loop. It’s not completely open ended.

I have a clever music dance mix where only if you listen enough times and pay attention do you finally pick out that you’ve been listening to exactly the same phrase repeated for the last two minutes.

You are experiencing why shows almost always cut pictures to existing sound, not the other way 'round. Movies do what you’re trying to do, but they hire an orchestra or band to make it fit live.


There is another way to force this to work. Effect >Change Tempo. That should change the duration of the song and nothing else.

…it says here.


Well now. Both answers are very helpful. Going to have too look up a lot of phrases from the first though. But let’s see how the second works out when I get off work tonight

Sometimes, phrases are all you need.

If you don’t know the right phrase, it’s next to impossible to google it…

And that’s especially true for audio. You can’t describe what you hear.

Changing the tempo worked beautifully! Thank you Koz!

If you take any of the effects in that series too far, the sound turns to trash, but if you only need a nudge.