need help with delete

i am a new user of audacity 203, i recorded a podcast,i need to remove about 30 seconds and i cant get delete to work, i highlighted the section i want removed and i hit delete, i also tried control x, i can’t get it to work, what am i doing wrong thanks, i have windows xp

Ensure that playback is stopped and not just paused, (press the Stop button)

thanks for answering steve. i did that and it still does not work. i feel like an idiot. Here’s something else i did not mention that might have something to do with my problem. I have no idea. When i playback my recording, the squiggly lines in the middle of the screen show up for the first three minutes and then disappeared for the rest of the recording. Does this have anything to do with the delete issue? did i do something else wrong? Is there a command i can execute to get the lines to appear again so i can use them to make all the edits i need? Any other ideas about the delete problem? Sorry about all the questions. I really need and appreciate your help. Lewis

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“Does not work” is never useful. What happens - nothing? Or is there an error message? If so, what does it say?

Was the complete recording ever there - blue waves from beginning to end? Do you see any messages when the waves disappear?

If the recording was correct once, look at Edit > Preferences, choose “Directories” on the left. What is the exact location in the box (you can copy and paste it to make sure you give it us exactly).

Don’t change the temporary directory just yet because I think you need to get this recording exported to a WAV file. If you undo all your edits (Edit > Undo) until the Edit menu says “Undo Record”, can you play the recording then?

Have you saved this recording as a project or exported it as a WAV before now?


I deleted your other posts in Feedback and Reviews. It’s normally good to start a new topic but I’m pasting your questions here instead, because I think they could be part of the same problem. If so, it will just be confusing to talk about this in a different topic without knowing you already have an unsolved problem with disappearing audio and not being able to edit.

it is not normal. But did you lose any of the recording when you pressed Pause? If part of the recording disappeared, there could be a click at the joins.

Otherwise, with what microphone did you record the podcast? If you used a built-in microphone on a laptop, hitting keys or the Trackpad may record a click.

How is it messed up? We cannot see your computer, so you need to tell us. Is it a mistake you made, like a cough?

You cannot record over the top of it in Audacity. New recordings are always made in a new track underneath the old one (with one exception) so you have to use the new recording to replace the bad part. There are some steps here you could try (but there are quicker ways too that may be less accurate).

The exception is hold SHIFT and click Record. This records at the end of a selected track. So if you made a mistake while recording, you could Stop, select and delete from the mistake to the end of the track, then SHIFT-click on Record to resume recording on that track.

But I would not edit this project further until you find out what is wrong with it and you have exported it to a WAV file.


Thank you very much Gale. Sorry about posting my comments in the wrong place.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

But are you still having problems with delete not working or audio silencing itself?