Need help with creating a stereo .wav for live backing track

I have used Audacity for years, and am now using version 2.x on Mac OSX. I’m having a problem, tried to search but couldn’t find anything…please help!

I have two versions of each song I want to produce.

Version #1 has a click throughout the song and will be sent to my in-ear monitors for me to be able to keep up with the proper tempo.

Version #2 is the backing track with no click that once split will be sent to the PA and heard by the audience - click-free.

I can import both files into audacity side by side and they line up perfectly. I pan version #1 all the way to the left and pan version #2 all the way to the right. Then I export the file as a .wav and save to my desktop. However, when I open the .wav file in ITunes and listen to my headphones, it is all one track, the click is not panned to only one side.

Any idea how I can achieve this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

What you describe should work. Can you hook up headphones to your Mac? After panning the tracks, when you play the mix back in Audacity is the click track in one ear and the non-click track in the other ear?

– Bill

Yes it is in Audacity but when I export it as a wav and open in Itunes click is in both ears.

It sounds like you are somehow exporting a mono file, which should not be possible if you have tracks panned off centre. Try opening the WAV file in QuickTime Player then doing Window > Show Movie Inspector. Tell us what it says in that dialog.

– Bill

Hmmm. I opened the exported wav file in Quicktime player and it is correctly panned left and right. Must be something with Itunes huh? Well hopefully it works in my Ipod…about to test it out!