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Hey guys,

So I am new to audacity. I was looking for a way to get some Rife frequencies from some online rife player that I found on It’s an online web-based rife frequency generator.

I tried to record the frequency into audacity, and then save it as a .wav file. I read somewhere that mp3 wasn’t good when trying to download frequencies. And rife are especially high; this one I downloaded is a combined frequency from 40hz to 823010hz. Did I do well? Do they work now?


That on-line frequency generator produces square waves.
For single frequency square waves you can use Audacity’s “Tone” generator (See:
For multiple frequencies, generate each frequency into separate tracks, then mix the tracks and normalize down to around -6 dB. As the playback system is likely to overshoot the peak level of the square waves, you need to allow a good amount of headroom to avoid clipping (6 dB headroom is sufficient).

Note that to produce square waves, the sample rate must be several times higher than the square wave frequency.

Note also that Rife himself made clear in a 1931 interview that his claims do not uphold the claims of “medical fakers” that they can cure disease by applying electrical vibrations to the body of the patient. Much of his work was speculative investigation that could possibly be seen as a precursor of modern radiotherapy.

You’re too generous, here Rife claims to have seen virus which was “highly motile”

In reality viruses have no means of propelling themselves.
Possibly he was seeing white blood cells moving in the vessels of his retina.
c.f. The Canals of Mars | ScienceBlogs

The rife frequencies have worked amazingly fast for me. I’m 100% a believer. I cured myself of Acid Reflux and Restless Leg syndrome in 3 days.

@steve, so I am not trying to generate them myself. I was just wondering if it works the way I recorded the frequencies into Audacity and saved them as .wav?

And does it matter if it’s sine?

I mean square

The highest frequency that can be represented in digital audio is half the sample rate. If you try to record a frequency of 823010 Hz at a sample rate of less than 1.6 MHz the result should be silence because the highest frequency that can be represented with a sample rate of 1.6 MHz is 800,000 Hz. Also, it is extremely unlikely that any sound card will support frequencies over 100,000 Hz (most are limited to a little over 20,000 Hz).

A square wave can be considered to be a combination of sine waves. For example, here are two screenshots of the spectrogram view of a 100 Hz square wave:

Observe that the lowest frequency is 100 Hz, and that harmonics occur at 100, 300, 500, 700, 900 … all the way up to 22 kHz (The highest frequency that can be represented with a sample rate of 44100 Hz is 22050 Hz).

If you isolate the lowest (100 Hz) frequency, it looks like this:

Notice that it is a sine wave. It is the presence of overtones that make a square wave square. So to create a square wave of a particular frequency, the sample rate must be several times higher than the square wave’s frequency so that the overtones can be represented.

This is a 5000 Hz square wave in a track with a sample rate of 44100 Hz (about 8 times higher than the square wave frequency. Observe that it does not look very “square”, because 44100 Hz sample rate can only support the first harmonic (15000 Hz) and no more. The next harmonic would be 25,000 Hz, but that’s too high for a sample rate of 44100.

Here’s the same 500 Hz square wave, but with a sample rate of 192 kHz (192,000 Hz). The higher sample rate allows the harmonics at 15000, 25000, 35000, 45000, 55000, 65000, 75000, and 85000 Hz to be represented, so the waveform looks a lot more “square”.

The takeaway is that normal consumer sound cards cannot record or play actual square waves that have a fundamental frequency over 5 kHz because they can’t handle enough of the harmonics.

How can someone have an opinion about something that never tried? Rife frequencies have helped me a lot. During the pandemic I had a tooth infection and the pain was intense. I was desperate so I tried the frequencies. I was amazed at the results and thanks to that experience I started studying vibrational medicine, doing research, studying biodecoding. That experience plus a few other got me into medicine. Knowing the root problem helps a lot, because sometimes programs don’t work because it is not treating the root cause. I don’t need scientific studies when I have experienced in myself, plus reading about other peoples experiences as we also have a forum where we exchange information. Our soul is made of sound, frequency, light, vibration, it is normal to be healed using same things.

Actual medicine is a branch of science. Quackery isn’t.

Those would would be anecdotes.


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You have doubts, you were triggered by what I said. You have the need to prove yourself right because what would happen if everything you were told was actually not true? We are all evolving and I don’t expect other people to be on the same consciousness level as me. I have evolved also, at one point in my life I didn’t even believe in ufos or the existence of other races. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone, I honor and respect the process of every individual.

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Is pseudoscience … vibrational medicine - The Skeptic's Dictionary

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