Need help with buzz

I have a very annoying buzz that I can’t seem to eliminate or reduce. I have attached it. Please listen and give me your opinion. I am using a headset plugged into a pc.

Describe the headset in detail. Model numbers, makers, connection type.

It’s one of these, right? Analog headset?

Most of the buzz is power related. You’re in the US? There is a big 60Hz (barely audible) and then every multiple and harmonic up. There is a big one at 420. 440 is the oboe A at the beginning of the orchestra.

That’s why you can’t get rid of it without trashing the show. No, It’s totally not supposed to do that.

When you do post a sample like that, also include a normal volume voice or sound sample. You can post 10 seconds of mono on the forum. You can make any microphone sound like garbage if you turn it up enough.