Need help with audio file on 2.3.1


I am trying to clean up an audio file that was sent to me and am having difficulty making the voices clear. I am able to eliminate most of the background noise but am still unable to make out the voices fully. Will someone be able to take a look at a sample of the audio file for me and help me clear it up a little?

Thank you

am still unable to make out the voices fully.

You need to be able to hear voices clearly at the beginning for the Audacity tools to be effective. We can’t pull a voice out of the mud.

That and we can’t do surveillance, law enforcement or conflict resolution.


Thanks for replying. I’ve included a clip of the file - it’s a sample I got but the voices don’t seem that bad. Just seems to have an echo/slight distortion that I can’t seem to remove.

There’s no echo on that recording.
It may be your computer’s sound-card (not Audacity) is adding a roomy surround-sound effect,
(see speakers properties enhancements).
If you generate a bleep and that also has an echo/reverb, then the computer (not Audacity) is adding the effect,
see … Audacity as reverb detector