Need help with air condition noise reduction


So yesterday I tried to do a recording with my HTC Vive using the mic on the headset and when I did my test record while sitting at the pc it sounded just fine with minimal pick up from my air conditioning. Come to find out after having recorded and looking at my audio it seems all it picked up was my air condition, louder then my voice. I don’t know if this audio might be beyond saving, I wasn’t having any luck with the noise removal myself I’'m still very new to using audacity. So any help would be greatly appreciated. Using windows 10 if that matters and Audacity 2.1.2



Wav File:

I don’t think that’s the headset. I think that’s the microphone on the laptop or other microphone.

Make sure your headset “device” is selected for recording in Audacity.

You can also do a microphone search. Start a recording and scratch each one announcing as you go. The “hot” microphone will be nuclear louder than the others.

No it’s not recoverable.


It’s easier to mess the microphone connection up than you think. Audacity checks for connections when it starts, so if you disconnect your microphone or turn it off and don’t restart Audacity, Audacity will lose the connection. Restart Audacity, or Transport > Rescan…

I suspect you are not going to be a happy camper for audio quality. Loud, pounding air conditioners are not welcome when you’re trying to do quality recording. You can try Effect > Noise Reduction, but if you go much beyond 12dB reduction (fairly gentle) it will get rid of the noise, but make your voice sound wooden-barrel and wine-glassy.

A good headset microphone is highly recommended. It puts the pickup right in the sweet spot next to your cheek. Many gamer and chat microphones have problems because they have cellphone goals—get the voice no matter what, not performance goals, make the voice as transparent and clean as possible.

I did my male voice in this clip with a head-mounted pro microphone. I have a good soundproofed room, but I shot this test in the middle of my regular living room next to the street. It’s an engineering test and has mistakes. Denise is a Skype call. She’s three time zones away.

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