need help with a mixing situation. please help. URGENT

ok i make drum covers and right now i am mixing my drum audio with a song but they wont sync dead on because early i cut a part out and now they wont sync. is it possible to add like a segment of audio in the middle of the drum track to extend it? will copy and paste work?

Sure. You can open your drum track and then Import the same track again and get two tracks one above the other. Then copy and paste from one to the other where you want.

All these tricks are much easier in Audacity 1.3.12.


If the Audacity Project has not been closed you can use Ctrl+Z (or “Undo” from the Edit menu).

If that’s not possible, it’s very much easier to fix if you’re using Audacity 1.3 than on Audacity 1.2
This post should give you some ideas of how you might fix it using Audacity 1.3.12