need help using audacity

hi im new to using audacity
i want to record me singing to one of my backing tracks ive tried import but it says something about me converting the file? which i have no idea about am i doing this right? as i can record my vocals but its not picking up the background music if someone could help id grately appareciate it
many thanks

my backing tracks

How long did it take you to record your backing track? Drums only, or just a simple guitar guide track?

What does it say?
What operating system are you using?

hi thankyou for replying
im using a windows xp and my backing track is from a karaoke cd i want to use the backing track so i can sing the song and record it, it says i need to convert the file as audio doesnt support it? any ideas
many thanks

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Depending on what the file format is, you may be able to import the track into Audacity if you install FFMpeg:

Yay its now working thankyou so much steve!!! :slight_smile: one more question how do u add reverb on to my singing as echo seems to be a bit to much

You could use GVerb (below the divider in the Effects menu). See here for tips for using GVerb
I’d recommend the “Duplicate and mix together” approach.

There are also many (optional) reverb plug-ins available that will work with Audacity.