need help urgently

hello there i have a very annoying issue with audacity projects ive saved on my PC and urgently i want your help in that case every time i tried to reopen my saved projects i got a pop up message says " this program can’t start because wxmsw30u_qa_vc_custom.dll is missing from your computer. try reinstalling thr program to fix this problem
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my screenshot.png

Have you tried, as the error message suggests, re-installing the Audacity app.

The latest version is 2.2.1 - and you can get it from here:

Update: I just checked my installation of 2.2.1 on my W10 laptop and that dll certainly comes as part of the download.
2.2.1 files.png

I usually google for the driver, download and install it, to fix such problems.
Win 10 is supposed to do that automatically but if not then just DIY.

It is a little odd when it fails…

Virus software?