Need Help trying to make blue yeti sound good

okay so im planning on doing some commentary videos for youtube and i have a blue yeti and i have it on a boom arm but theres no shock mount on it the arm can hold the mic without it an the one that came with it is too small so i have few question how do i make it sound really good cause i will be making a lot of videos and editing my audio in audacity and for which ever way i use is there a way to set a preset so i can just apply all the effects at one time then just export my audio file? by the way i have my yeti on the 3rd setting the one most people use i have a mic cover thing on it and i also have a pop filter i just need some help on how to make it sound like good thanks for the help

Post a small portion of someone’s voice you think sounds really good, and then a portion of yours. Your clip should have about a second of “hold your breath” silence and a second or two of straight talking. “Testing, one two three.” Post your clip in mono so you can get enough in. You don’t need stereo for a voice test.