Need help to recover my Projectfile AUP3

Hi, seems like I wrecked up my project file. I was near to completing it and was going through the files checking if I can mixdown, started, but deceided then to discharge the changes and start over from the previous saved file again. So I also discharged the recovery option, because I thought, my project file will be ok - and now it won’t open anymore.

Using Audacity 3.0.2 on Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS, the aup3 is about 1,3 GB

I learned today in the forum, that it would have been possible to save backupfile, but of course I didn’t when it would have been helpful. Any procedures I can follow, ideas, suggestions? I really don’t feel like recording all gitarrs and vocals over again :confused:

Any help appreciated!

I’ve asked one of the Audacity developers if he has any suggestions.
One thing for certain, don’t make further attempts to recover from the original AUP3 file. At this stage I don’t know if anything will be recoverable, but any attempts should be made on copies of the original AUP3.

Hi, seems like I wrecked up my project file.

Where is the project file? Local drive, network drive, or cloud drive?

Make a protection copy of that broken AUP3 file and park it somewhere safe. The Audacity developers may want to see it.

Is your Audacity in English? If not, which language?

I really don’t feel like recording all gitarrs and vocals over again

If you do, Export each raw performance as its own WAV file and make a protection copy. This is a lot more important if, say, you’re interviewing the governor, but any original, live work should be saved as a common, perfect quality backup (WAV) before you start production editing.


Hi, thanks for reacting so quickly!

Project file is on local harddisc, Audacity is german version - and will copy the file right now.

Tried to open it with SQLite, but couldn’t find anything helpful in there and did not edit or change anything. It was my first bigger project and I didn’t expect the program to crash the project like this, because untill then everything was going smooth and fine :frowning:

I guess, that’s what all say :unamused:

Meanwhile, I try to figure out, where I can put a 1,3GB File for transfer, if needed… so, again, thanks to all who try to help,

bye, Dom

Perhaps you could put it into a (free) dropbox account.

OK, never mind. Will start the project over again. Sad, I thought I could find some help here.

Sorry, but we can’t help further if you won’t let us see the problem file.

I was told to wait untill one of the developers will request for it, so I waited…

So zip up your .aup3 file, upload it to dropbox or another public file sharing service and PM the link to Steve or myself. You can do that, let’s see: 3…2…1…NOW!