Need help to calibrate a song !

Hi guys, I can’t arrive to calibrate this song ( ( to download the track).
I tried several times to calibrate, using the differents profiles (-50dB, -60dB, -70dB, -80dB) and the intensity (low, medium, high) but it leads to a bad quality song, not very equilibrate (sometimes the song is noisyier and sometines the noise level is lower).
If you can help me, I would be very grateful.
Thanks !

my mail if you want to send me the modified track :

I deleted your email address. We are a spam magnet and they could damage your mail service.


Sounds like a job for Audacity’s envelope tool

Careful now …

ok, I will try the enveloppe tool thanks, even I think it wont lead to a clean result because it’s always the same problem.
And what did you send me this site ? It don’t looks secure.
Thanks a lot.

You posted a link to “”,
WOT comments say it’s not a safe site.
( as is true of many YouTube downloader sites).