Need help time is running out!

Hi, I am doing a project for my english class in which I am trying to emulate a radio broadcast from the 1930’s. The problem is, I need to have all the background sounds, such as crowd sounds, and the ball hitting the bat, and the bat itting the ball etc. I obtained a great broadcast from 1934, but I need to take out the announcer’s voice, and put my own voice in place of his, all while keeping the background. So really, what I am trying to do, is remove the announcer’s voice and voice over my own without affecting the other sounds. Is this possible? The project is due tomorrow and I really need help…quickly, because I really am not good at this. if anyone knows, could they please give me a step by step instructions on how to do this? thanks and god bless

Sorry, but if you had another year before the project is due you wouldn’t be able to remove the announcer in the way you describe. The “Remove Vocals” trick that you might have read about here on the forum only works with stereo files where the vocalist is dead centre in the mix and even then the results vary. Your 1934 recording will obviously be mono.

The best you could do is find a section of the crowd noise without the announcer and cut and paste it to the desired length in a new track (although the join may be obvious if you don’t know how to disguise it).

For an alternative source of environmental sounds like crowds etc, try

Loco thanks alot… is there a way that I could manipulate the announcers voice to sound like mine, or just sound different to make it look like I put myself talking in the audio? Change pitch or something of that sort? let me know, thanks

It would be easier to make your voice sound like a radio broadcast voice from the 1930’s - using the "Eqalisation effect to cut out low and high frequencies will go a long way, then add a bit of noise, a bit of crackle, and a touch of “AM radio interference”, and everyone will be waiting for the Joe Loss Orchestra to start playing in the intermission.