Need help splitting long live multitrack recording into song


I was provided a live multitrack recording in the format of 14 separate 24bit/96KHz .wav files. Each file is a single audio source (mic, instrument, etc) containing the entire performance. I have imported all the files into an Audacity project and put labels at the start of each song. I’m now trying to export each song as 14 individual files (still 24/96 .wav), per the location of the labels, but I’m unable to figure this out. I’ve been trying it using the Export Multiple command, however it seems to just export a single file for each song, not the original 14. Any assistance with this is really appreciated.


I’m guessing we don’t have tools for that—at least not automatically. You can render the pile into one sound file with all the instruments and then export each song.

You can also select each track and drag-select each instrument for each song in that track using the sticky nature of the labels, Export Selected. It would probably take weeks.


What you got is studio tracks. So you got them all lined up and synchronized to each other they mixed well when you play eachtrack so like you were told you need to have audacity merge and render one long track so make sure each of the songs tracks are slid in position after the first one on top of the group stops and do this for each of the tracks. It will look staggered diagnily down and to the right but this will merge them in order when you render the new track. Of course if you still have songs and their instrument tracks un mergerd then you will need to merge each song one at a time don’t stagger the unmerged vocal and instrument tracks keep them synchronized when you merge the single songs. then reload them and stagger them to merge as one concert.

Yes, it’s a feature request that Export Multiple exports by labels and tracks, not either by labels or by tracks.

What I would do is drag select the region of the first song in one of the tracks, COMMAND + SHIFT + K to select that region in all the tracks, COMMAND + X to cut, COMMAND + N to open a new project, then COMMAND + V to paste. Then Export Multiple by tracks.

Repeat for the other songs.


Thanks for these suggestions!