Need help splitting continuous audio without glitches


New on here as well as to the Audacity software. Hoping to get some help with an issue I’m having.

I was easily was able to split a 20 min live record using CMD B to create labels/start and end points…but, I’m getting glitches on the splits when listening to the exported files. I’m hoping theres a way to get the tracks to play seamlessly without out any snaps or glitches. The band sustains notes at the end of several songs which go into the following track numerous times, so I’ll hoping There’s a setting I’m missing.


Others are better able to help. I think MP3s may add arbitrary silence to the beginning or ending of a file, so try using .WAV files. There could also be an issue with your player.

When burning a CD you will have similar issues, you will need to create a cue sheet and you may have to burn using a gapless playback feature.

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