need help - software do not recognize device

software shows as if there is no microphone and no entry of line in.
the device-manager (win 7) shows that these devices exist.
I tried with another software and there is the same problem.
please, help me, friends. :unamused:

Topic moved to the Windows forum.

Check that the recording input is enabled in the Windows Sounds control panel:

see this:

It looks like your microphone is not plugged in. Do you have a microphone plugged in?

You’re right !
I have a problem with the entry. I should hold it while plugging it in.
Thank you steve!

May you help me more (maybe it should be at a special subject) -
How can I get the device of “mixed stereo” in order to record directly from the pc ?
Alternatively may I make a direct connection between the entry of “line in” and the exit of the speakers?

It doesn’t look like your sound card has that option.

Yes you can. You just need a short (stereo) cable to connect the two together.