Need help setting up mic and hearing sound via headset.

Hello I recently bought a MXL Tempo condenser Mic for recording music, but tonight when I went to record and finally use it, I found that I couldn’t get Audacity to pick up the mic AND the headphones, so I need help.

I just need to know the right settings in which I can hear the instrumental via headphones and also record my vocals via the external microphone at the same time.

Can anyone help? Most thankful to anyone that does.

  • Tyler

You’re not going to get a head_set, but you can probably make headphones_ work. Audacity has troubles with multiple recording devices.

If you plan on overdubbing, you should plug your headphones into the microphone. There should be provision for that. Then set up Audacity to record from and playback to your microphone.

If the wind is going the right way and you lead a good life, the microphone will mix your live performance with the guide and older tracks so you can hear what you’re doing. It’s generally a bad idea to plug your headphones into the computer. You can almost never hear yourself right that way.

Set the microphone in the Audacity Device Toolbar.

Then set up for overdubbing with this tutorial. It should work about like the Samson G-Track does. That has a microphone connection in its base, too.


Sorry. Missed the tutorial.