Need Help setting up a Yamaha MG12/4fx using a peavey brain

I am new at this and don’t know very much about setting this Yamaha Mixer (MG12/4fx) up , I really need some help very confusing to me. I have looked at the book but don’t understand it.

I have been using an old peavey brain and decided to buy this used MG12/4fx , very good shape.

I wanting to hook up a cd player and tape player and a mic and run everything through my mixer and through the peavey brain and to my speakers.

Didn’t know I needed a power amp till I got it.

From what I understand I have to use a power amp to play everything through my speaker and was wanting to use my peavey as a power app.
Don’t know where to plug everything in to use the sliders for volume. to each above.
Can some help me with setting all this up. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I really could use it.
I hpoe I put this in the right place, if not please let me know.
Thank you in advance.

If you are just trying to make a recording on your computer of you singing along to music that you have on CD,
you just need a microphone & headphones and a computer with Audacity running on it.

It is possible to make an exact copy of the music which is on a CD, (aka “rip” the CD), and play that music-file in Audacity as a backing track, whilst you sing along to it, your vocal is recorded as a separate track in Audacity,
e.g. see this YouTube video …

Power amps are not necessary if you’re just singing: you hear the backing-music in the headphones.

If you must use the mixer, you can connect it to computers which have a line-in socket.
If your computer does not have a line-in socket, gadgets are available which convert a USB socket on your computer into a line-in socket.

What is your end goal? Trebor assumes you want to record yourself singing, but don’t see that in your post.

Tell us more about the “peavey brain”, googling that term doesn’t return any useful result. Does the unit have a model number?

I’m wanting to hook my mixer to my peavey, use the peavey as the power supply.