need help separating songs ina continuous recording..I'm new

I am new to this program and just learning what it can do and I need a little guidance. I downloaded about 45 minutes worth of music legally from a DirecTv set-up I have. It recorded them all as one continuous song and I need to know if, and how, I can separate each song. Please keep in mind I am not very savvy at this…lol. I did figure out how to slow the tempo because, for some reason the recording from DirecTv, when played back, played about 20% faster than it should. I was able to get that part fixed but now I have a 45 minute song in ITunes. Can someone help? Thanks everyone, Mike

See this tutorial:

when played back, played about 20% faster than it should.

Any way to get you to measure that error with good accuracy? We appear to have a sample rate error somewhere, but no idea where. Knowing exactly what the speed change is would be a big help.

If you capture something from YouTube, tell us exactly what the address of the music is and then use the timeline and the “length” window at the bottom to tell us the capture duration of the same song. You could also save your fast capture as an MP3 and post that, or email it to one of us and we’ll figure it out from there.


Thank you very much for the help. I was able to split them easily. Do you know if there is any software that will “listen” to a song and then tell you the name & artist? I know there is an app. for smart phones that will listen to a song on the radio and do this but wondering if there is something on the computer. Thanks again. You can reach me directly at mghackney at charter dot net