Need help retrieving created audio files

Hello, I have been using Audacity for years and I’ve really enjoyed it.
But today, I created two voiceovers. I saved each one and closed out while I created a third voiceover.
When I later went to retrieve the first two voiceovers, the files were blank.
The files/slugs appear in my computer directory.
But when I click on them or try any way to open them, they do not show up, even though the slug appears atop the file.

Anyone have a suggestion for retrieving the recorded audio file?

Few more pieces.

Which Audacity?

and closed out

What does that mean?

Are you using cloud drives, network drives, external drives, or ordinary internal drives?

Are the show files tiny things, or are they about the right size and just won’t open? This will depend on which Audacity you have.