Need Help Removing Unwanted Noise From Audio

Im Using Windows 10.0.18362 Build 18362
Audacity 2.3.2

Hello Everyone!
I was making a gameplay video fro youtube using this cheap Wal-Mart Mic, when there is this high(ish)-pitched noise that is really loud and really annoying. I tried many things but since im am not an expert on audio editing, I couldn’t fix it.

Here is the part of the video when it makes this noise:

Feel Free To Edit This To Make It Better.

Thanks For Any Future Help,

Two passes with harmonic notch filter plugin …
one pass at multiples of 1000Hz for the USB whine
a second pass at multiples of 60Hz for the mains-hum …

Inevitably the notch-filters will damage the voice.

Thank you!

One question though, by “Harmonic Notch Filter Plugin” do you mean the Harmonic Enhancer?

Sorry. Nevermind I figured it out

Thank You For The Help!