Need help removing some ugly noise.

So I did an invert on my track to make a karaoke kind of track. But the voice inversion has left this ugly tinny wah sound in the background. I tried noise removal by doing the noise profile, but nothing changed. I’m not very well versed in Audacity, I’m just getting into using it. Any help is appreciated.

Voice Removal in either the YouTube Invert-Subtract-etc. way or the much simpler Audacity Effect > Vocal Removal method only works when the song is perfect in every way. It has to be very high quality stereo with no left-right special effects, etc. Many of the demo videos on YouTube happen to hit a song that works. If you try the technique on that exact same song, yours will work, too.

Noise Removal only works on sounds that don’t change over the time of the song. If you have noise that wiggles and warbles, then you’re stuck.

My Vocal Removal didn’t work because of stereo special effects and the bass line vanished, too.

Many times you can find a karaoke version of your track already made up.