Need help recreating sound in music!


Guys, can you help me for a bit? I’m trying to recreate a portion of a song and put it on the later part, for instance, I want to “copy” the first beat of the song and put it later flawlessly, so I don’t hear any gaps or skips. I wanna make it so I can use it as a background music.

Assuming you know how to do the basic editing…

Use a short crossfade (probably a few milliseconds). That is, fade-out the first part, fade-in the 2nd part , and overlap.

Or, at least make sure you start & stop each part at a [u]zero crossing[/u], not in the middle of a wave. (If you do a cross fade this is not necessary because the first part fades-out to zero, and the 2nd part starts fading-in at zero.)

You don’t have to do it all on one timeline, either. You can copy the work onto a second timeline under the first and do all the cross-fading and beat matching to each track independently.

Tracks > Add New

Audacity will push everything into one track when you Export.


ok guys, thanks for the information… gonna try this

Hey guys, I got another question. I can’t really explain it on the first word so I’m having trouble finding the right solution. Can you guys provide an easy step to reproduce the sound through the song? For example, I want this “Klick” sound to play in background on the next 5 seconds, like an echo effect after fading out. I tried the Echo and Reverb on the Generate menu but I can’t seem to get the hang of it.

Try the “Repeat” effect:
You will need to copy the “Klick” sound to a new track.
Ensure that you select the right length so that the repeats occur at the right time.