Need help recreating a sound!


I need help in discovering how a sound effect was made, please excuse if i use any incorrect lingo! i am using version 2.1.0

Basically i am using a program called voice attack in junction with the PC game Elite dangerous, i have been using a voice pack called A.S.T.R.A, i say a command like “lower landing gear” the computer voice replys “yes commander” or some thing similar…

here is a demonstration:

The pack i got only has limited phrases and i want to broaden them and make them myself. I have downloaded a program where i can “type to speak” and the outcome is a .wav file, but they do not sound very computerised like in the video i attached above.

I have downloaded audacity to see if i can change these new voice commands so they sound exactly like they do in the you tube clip, but i know very little about such things, here is where i need your help! Notice how the voice is computerised, kind of “tinny” it sounds like the computer of the enterprise! does anyone have any idea what setting/effects i should use?

Any help would be amazing!

thanks guys!

The pack i got only has limited phrases

Get a new pack? You join a long list of people wanting to “Make my voice sound like something else.” Almost nobody succeeds.

You might try Effect > Vocoder. It combines two different sounds into one through modulation similar to that talking guitar Geico commercial. So you would be combining your voice and “computer sounds.”

It’s usually not a simple filter or effect. All those do is make you sound like you with a filter.

And then there’s the voice acting thing. There’s no button or effect for acting.