Need help recovering unsaved audio

Really messed up. I was editing a podcast and somehow I first deleted a large chunk of the audio which was unrecoverable even though it was in the same session. I went online and saw a forum where it wrote to end the current session. I foolishly did so and am still unable to access the audio I need. Is there anyway to recover the session that holds my audio before I deleted a large chunk of it? I am really desperate. Please help me.

Once you close Audacity, it removes the show’s stored cache and UNDO. So that’s the end of the world.

Windows people might be able to investigate File Recovery techniques, but that doesn’t work with UNIX and Macs which use a UNIX base.

Need help recovering unsaved audio

Does that mean you recorded new material and then deleted it by accident? If the work was never saved, then it never was a file, and file recovery techniques will not work.

It’s a terrific idea to Export as WAV any new work before you do anything to it. I know the pressure is on to churn out as much content as you can as fast as you can, but skipping steps is Not Good.

Compulsive Engineer will point out that double recording is a good idea. If you’re speaking into a microphone for your work. leave your phone on the desk recording the same content with it’s built-in recorder.

The real microphone for this presentation is up and out of the picture, but that’s a separate recording I was making using Voice Memos.

Also see this show.

That was a radio broadcast I shot. The whole left-hand side of that is just a simple microphone and mixer plugged into Audacity on the computer to the left. That thing on the right is a separate recorder double-recording the performer’s voice.


I’m reading that the fifth time. I don’t know what “closed the session” means. If you never closed Audacity, you should be able to Edit > UNDO and get your work back.

Please be aware that Audacity performs UNDO in the exact order of execution and you can’t stop it.


that’s a separate recording I was making using Voice Memos.

If you record in a quiet, echo-free room, that can work remarkably well. This is an actual voice recording I made with that exact setup.

I’m using the microphones on the bottom of the phone in pressure-zone configuration. All hand-holding and wind noises go away when I do that, volume goes up, and bass tones get much better and richer.

Of course, I can’t pound the table or make any physical noises. If I slurp some tea, I can hear if I set the cup down, but if the main recording fails, I can go with the backup.