Need help recording

I just learned about Audacity 1.2 today. It’s great! I’m a volunteer Producer/Host at my local NPR radio station WDIY 88.1 FM in Bethlehem PA. I conduct telephone interviews and due to the people’s schedules who I interview, I can’t always get into the Production Booth. Audacity will make my life 100% less stressful. THANK YOU!

Now, if I may, here are the problems I am dealing with.
As a tutorial, I’m using the PDF “A Brief Introduction of how to use Audacity” as my guide.

My first problem is:
I make a recording. Then I want to delete some parts and add new copy. The tutorial states that I “Press record again and a second audio track will appear. I do that. but the previous recorded track plays at the same time.

My second problem is:
Trying to place the corrected copy in the original track. The direction is to “Place the cursor where you want to insert the new copy, then go to EDIT and select SPLIT.”
But the SPLIT option is not active, so I can’t select it.

Thank you for your kind attention and help in this matter.


Windows, right? You have the Windows Sound Panels set so Audacity will record the input of the sound card (Line_in, Mic-In) , and the output of the sound card (Wav-Out, Mix-Out).

That’s easily fixable, but your next question is going to be, “How can I listen to the person at the other end and record my voice at the same time?” Undo whatever you changed to fix the first problem.

Have you got the Telephone Hybrid set up yet? Recording both sides of the conversation on a phone isn’t easy.

<<<Audacity will make my life 100% less stressful.>>>

I doubt that. Doing this is a lot more complicated that it seems and the question comes up a fair number of times. “How do I record a telephone interview?”